Toward The Throne band 2021

Atmospheric Death Metal

New album “Vowed to Decline” out October 8, 2021

Toward The Throne Vowed to Decline album artwork

Vowed to Decline

out October 8, 2021

01. Opposed (In Every Way)
02. Neogenesis
03. In the Name of Salvation
04. The Ashes of Pain
05. Still, Denial
06. Per Ignes Mortuus
07. From Contempt to Graves
08. The Sorrow
09. The Sower of all our Beings
10. The Inevitable Trail of the Fall
11. Blown Dust: A Pointless Story

Mixed by Gwen Kerjan
Slab Sound Studio, France

Mastered by Victor “V. Santura” Bullok
Woodshed Studio, Germany

Artwork by Costin Chioreanu

“Vowed to Decline” is the culmination after years of introspection. Drawing its origins from traditional extreme scenes (Enslaved, At The Gates ...) as well as more recent and innovative movements (Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Deafheaven ...), the album offers a unique and unprecedented vision, mixing death metal gimmicks and black metal influences to a wave of melancholy, peculiar to our time. The resulting music is intense, intimate and unbridled.