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We are Toward The Throne, we play Atmospheric Death Metal steeped in melancholy.

Founded in 2012, the band immediately released a first 3 tracks effort highly influenced by the nordic Melodic Death Metal scene to unleash the fury on stage across eastern France with national and international acts.

Since then, Toward The Throne has hardened its tone, sharpened its riffs and rewritten the foundations of its unique Death Metal sound. The newborn EP entitled "Claiming the Sun, Bringing the Darkness" turned out to be darker and more incisive, including majestic soars and gloomy melodies.

After two years of touring in France and beyond with some notorious and promising international bands, the band is now working on its first full-length album, already predicted to be even more darker, heavier and faster.

Live pictures
Photos: Eric Munck, Erika Rossi, Camille Fabro, Les Photos d'Alumine & personal archives.